If only we were given a parenting manual when greeting our baby for the first time.

If only parenthood came with a manual we could flip through everyday as we handle new parenting challenges.  But unfortunately it doesn’t.  This leaves us overwhelmed when we don’t know how to handle tantrums, getting our kids to listen and control their behavior.  In the heat of the moment we can resort to strategies like yelling, which doesn’t seem to work either.

Enter Building Confident Families

After working with Building Confident Families you will feel more calm and confident with your parenting.  More able to handle the difficult moments with your child while continuing to have a positive connection with them.  You’ll be able to enjoy your time with your child more because they are listening more and following directions.

Who we are:

Meredith Webb

 Child Behavior Coach and Pediatric Sleep Consultant

After working with a sleep consultant to overcome her family’s sleep issues Meredith decided to help other parents by becoming a certified pediatric sleep consultant. She loved learning about child development and enrolled in The Early Years Child Behavior Certification program to become a behavior coach as well. These skills have helped her to reduce the yelling and increase the connection with her children and bring back the joy in family time.

Meredith is also a Sleep Consultant for Little Snoozers, LLC, the Sleep for Children instructor for The Early Years Child Behavior Certification Program and  the Director of Social Media for Family Sleep Institute. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and two boys.

Meredith’s Qualifications

Mylee Zschech

 Child Behavior Coach and Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Working with parents and children has always been a passion for Mylee. After the birth of her 2 children, Mylee became a certified child sleep consultant. Looking to add to her knowledge Mylee also completed the child behavior certification program. This truly changed her life – personally and professionally. She is honored to be one of the Teaching Assistants and the Mentorship Program Co-ordinator for The Early Years.

As a child behavior coach Mylee loves providing parents with tools regarding, communication and understanding, empowering parents and providing strategies that will set forth a foundation in raising happy, resilient kids.

Mylee’s Qualifications