Behavior consultations.

A 1 hour virtual consultation to discuss all your child behavior and parenting concerns and strategies to address them. You will receive a detailed written recap with tools and examples using language you can use to with your children.


Prefer an online webinar that addresses your specific parenting concern? We offer a variety of webinars on different parenting and behavior topics including bedtime battles, potty reading and more.

Choose the right service for your needs.


behavior consultation



Our clients say

"The strategies suggested by Mylee really worked. Not long after implementing the plan, we started seeing improvements in Charlie’s behaviour. We couldn’t be happier. Charlie started to show more empathy towards others and found it easier to play with other children even in new environments. We also learnt how to manage certain situations and avoid unwanted triggers."
"We have 3 year-old twins and have been working with Meredith for about a year and a half every several months as we have needed advice and assistance. Every time we come to her with what feels like a huge problem with our kids she is able to give such incredible advice and helps us fix the issue within days! I am so thankful for her help and cannot say enough about how wonderful she is!"