Parenting isn’t easy – whether you are new parents or second or third time parents. We all need a little help and support on our parenting journey. To learn about child development and effective communication skills that lead to cooperation and keep a child’s self-esteem intact.

Here at Building Confident Families we are proud to offer a variety of workshops and webinars for parents, caregivers and educators. You can sign up for one of the webinars currently on offer or you can contact us and organize one specific for your group. Some of the topics we currently offer include sibling rivalry and conflict resolution, potty training (potty readiness), effective discipline, picky eating, tantrums and toddler sleep. Each interactive workshop will leave you with practical strategies that you can put into practice that day!


Current parenting classes:

Toddler Sleep Solutions: This workshop is for you if you find putting your toddler to bed a struggle, are tired from multiple night wake ups or early risings, bedtime power struggles or your child is expressing fear or anxiety around sleep time. You’ll learn all our best child behavior and sleep knowledge so that you can feel confident to get working on your toddler’s sleep straight away.

Potty Readiness: This workshop is for you if you want to determine when to start introducing the potty and to gently guide your child’s potty independence and success. You will also learn common pitfalls that make potty training last longer and how to handle any difficulties that might come your way. Potty learning is a process and we’ll guide you through it.

Picky Eaters: Are mealtimes a constant battle in your house? They can certainly be a challenging time ad you try to make sure your child gets the nourishment they need, and they battle against it. In this workshop you will learn why picky eating happens, practical skills to handle mealtime as well as tips and tricks for common mealtime scenarios.

Taming Toddler Tantrums: If you are struggling to handle your toddlers tantrums this workshop will teach you effective ways to handle them while also learning about your child’s brain development so you can understand why they happen.

If you would prefer to learn positive parenting tools one on one we do behavior consultations with parents of children of all ages. While virtual workshops are a wonderful thing, they do not take into account your unique family or behavior struggles quite like a child behavior consultation can.