Is sleep a struggle at your house?

This workshop is for you if you find putting your toddler to bed a struggle, are tired from multiple night wake ups or early risings., or your child is expressing fear or anxiety around sleep time.

You’ll learn all our best child behavior and sleep knowledge so that you can feel confident to get working on your toddler’s sleep straight away.

Are you considering introducing the potty?

This workshops for you if you want to determine when to start introducing the potty and to gently guide your child’s potty independence and success.

You will also learn common pitfalls that make potty training last longer and how to handle any difficulties that might come your way.

Potty learning is a process and we’ll guide you through it.

Are you stressed about your child’s eating?

Are mealtimes a constant battle in your house?  You may even worry that your child isn’t getting enough food even though you are doing your best to offer anything they are willing to eat?

Learn why picky eating happens, what works at mealtime as well as tips and tricks for common mealtime scenarios.

Do you want to parent more calmly and with Confidence?

We have the tools you are looking for to help you feel more calm and confident with how you handle everyday parenting moments with your children.

In this workshop we will discuss positive parenting tools that work to leave you feeling like you have got this and can put your new knowledge into practice straight away.  You’ll also have time to ask questions about behavior scenarios in your house.