Welcome to Building Confident Families!

We give parents personalized tools and strategies for their family to solve their parenting challenges that will set forth a foundation in raising happy, resilient kids.

We believe passionately in providing unique strategies based on each individual family’s circumstances and fostering good communication, connection and teachable moments.

We can help you get your children to listen without arguing, counting, bribing or yelling by providing  personalized tools and strategies specific for your family so you can calmingly address your child’s behavior and continue to build a strong relationship with them as they grow.

The best praise we have received is:

“It is like working with a kid whisperer family doula that is part Janet Landsbury and part your cool mama friend who “gets it” and knows what to do next.”

Things we can help with:


Sleep struggles

Fears, worries and anxiety

Potty learning

Picky Eating

Listening and Cooperation

Our qualifications