Parenting is tough. If only you were given a parenting manual when you greeted your bundle of joy for the first time!

Building Confident Families

We’ve been there and we get it.  It can be hard to know the best way to handle challenges with your child’s behavior.  We’ve stood there amid toddler anger, frustration and tantrums and wondered what to do and whether we are doing the right thing. 


What we can help with:

  • Gaining cooperation.
  • Sleep struggles.
  • Stopping yelling and starting to connect.
  • Picky eating.
  • Tantrums
  • And so much more.

As a social worker Mylee has always had a passion for working with parents and children. After the birth of her two sons she decided to switch focus from social work to child sleep and became a certified Child Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute.  After meeting Sharyn Timerman through a class she taught on child development and behavior Mylee knew this was another part of her career she wanted to pursue. With great excitement she joined the Child Behavior Certification Program and became certified.  As a Child Behavior specialist, Mylee provides parents with tools regarding patience, communication, and understanding and helps teach parents how to give their children the tools to make good decisions.  Mylee loves seeing parents go from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and unsure to confident that they can handle the parenting challenges that come their way.

When not helping families with positive parenting she also runs her own sleep consulting company Little Big Dreamers.

She Lives in New York City with her husband and 2 boys.

Meredith is a certified Child Behavioral Coach through The Early Years CBCP program. She also is a certified Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant with Little Snoozers Pediatric Sleep Consultants. 

After working with a sleep consultant to overcome her family’s sleep issues Meredith decided to help other parents by becoming a certified pediatric sleep consultant. She loved learning about child development and soon found herself enrolled in The Early Years CBCP program to become a behavioral coach as well. These skills have helped her to reduce the yelling and increase the connection with her children and bring back the joy in family time. “Parenting can be overwhelming and doesn’t come with a handbook but small changes in our behavior can create such a positive impact at home.”

Meredith has a BS in Business Administration from Elon University. She is a sleep consultant with Little Snoozers, LLC and the Director of Social Media for the Family Sleep Institute. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and two boys.

We are certified Behavior Coaches through The Early Years and certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants through the Family Sleep Institute. On top of this we have other skills and qualifications under our belts and participate in regular professional development training.

Here’s just a sample of what other knowledge and training we have to offer between the two of us:
• A social work degree.
• A graduate certificate in Grief and Palliative Care Counseling.
• Safe Sleep and reducing the risk of SIDS.
• Basics of Lactation Management.
• Child Nutrition.
• Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Training.