Is picky eating a constant struggle in your home?

Then the Picky Eating Webinar is for you:

A few things you’ll learn in this webinar:

Reasons for picky eating.

When and why picky eating starts in normal toddler development and what causes it continue; and; become an endless battle.

When children eat best.

Setting up the right mealtime environment will support a child to eat their best and make mealtimes less stressful for you.

How to respond to different meal-time behaviors.

Whether it be getting up from the table, throwing food or claiming fullness before you believe they are. Learn how to handle each situation with confidence and ease.

What to do and not to do at meal-times.

Learn what you can do at mealtime to help mealtimes become less stressful, to role model healthy eating and teach your child to listen to their bodies hunger cues.

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