classroom observation

If you have any concerns about your child in their classroom, then an Observation can help. Mylee or Meredith can observe your child for a 2-hour period of time in their classroom. Mylee is able to observe children in the NYC area, and Meredith in Pittsburgh. 

All observations and the corresponding report will be based on what is observed and will be backed with evidence. The child being will not know that they are specifically being observed but rather that we are their to see the classroom in general. 

Once the observation time is completed we will call you on the day to give you a brief outline of how the observation went. Within 48 hours you will receive a detailed observation report which includes what happened during our time in the classroom as well as recommendations for at home and in the classroom. 

Your observation report will be sent directly to you, the parents, and we welcome you sharing the report with the educators so that you can all benefit. 

 The goal is for us to collaborate with you, the educators and the director, in the best interest of your child.