Is sleep a constant battle and you are exhausted every day?

Then the Toddler Sleep Solutions Webinar on June X, at X is for you:

A few things you’ll learn in this webinar:

The importance of bed timing.

Having the right bedtime is incredibly important for sleep success. If your toddler is not tired enough, or overtired then there will be much more chance of bedtime becoming a battle of wills.

Useful and non-useful tools for handling toddlers.

There are many different ideas out there on how to approach a toddler’s behavior both in and out of the bedroom. We will explore which tools will work and which ones to toss out of your parenting toolbox.

Sleep strategies that work.

If you are having huge bedtime battles – whether it be call backs, constantly getting out of bed, night-time visitors or fighting bedtime; we will give you strategies you can use to address these sleep challenges. If you are consistent with these tools you will see progress towards a calm bedtime and full nights of restorative sleep.

How to get started with a more positive bedtime today.

We know you want bedtime to become a time of calm, connection and positivity where you are able to leave your toddler to drift into dreamland indepedently.

We will provide the tools you need to set you confidently on this path.

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