Are you wondering if it is time to introduce the potty to your toddler?

Potty Readiness, the key to potty use success.

A few things you’ll learn in this
pre-recorded webinar:

The importance of Potty Readiness.

Why potty readiness is better than parent led potty training including the different types of potty readiness parents need to look out for and the age a child might be ready.

Steps to take as you Start.

How to start off introducing the potty including when to get them attempting to use the potty or toilet without providing too much pressure.

Day readiness vs night time readiness.

Find out if it is appropriate to potty train both day and night all at once or not. When it is normal to be dry vs when to worry.

Tips for potty reluctance.

How to encourage and support a reluctant toddler, including how to handle accidents as they will happen no matter whether a toddler is excited or reluctant.